Wireless Internet Connect Now!

BCWifi now Available in your Area!

BCWifi provides fixed wireless internet access for your home or business, FAST and as a result You can Enjoy fast, reliable, Affordable internet in Your area!  

Now available in Heidelberg, Jordaanpark, Overkruin, Rensburg, Bergsig

It is super easy to Connect to BCWifi just choose the package that suit your need the best.

No month to month contract

we are amazing

Why Use BCWifi for your Wireless Internet?

Fibre Backbone

At BCWifi we run off our own Fibre Backbone. The internet is wirelessly transmitted directly to our customers!

Blistering Speed

You can now enjoy the blistering speed and excellent reliability of a wireless fiber connection!

No Contract Needed

BCWifi now offers connectivity with out a contract

You get Wireless Internet, therefore you do not need a Landline!

WiFi in the form of Uncapped, Unshaped and Unthrottled Internet 

we are amazing

Are you looking to be part of the new trend of streaming services?

Our standard packages are Uncapped, Unshaped and Unthrottled –  you use as much data as you please! Streaming becomes a pleasure!

we are amazing

Take your family into the future

We recommend our popular 10Mbps  home option for a happy family experience!