About Us



Who we are….

BC Computer Services (BCWiFi) is an IT service provider focusing on internet, communications, consulting and support of IT and the core infrastructures surrounding it. We have all the tools, skills and consulting experience to provide a complete service offering for your IT environment. BC Computer Services uses a strategic and structured approach to our client engagements and we are focused and confident in what we do.

BC Computer Services has been running for over thirty years. BCWiFi is a licensed telecommunications service provider using the latest technology to offer Wireless internet connectivity. We created BCWiFi one year ago, to assist our existing loyal customers who were constantly struggling with slow and unreliable internet connectivity. We believe that everyone deserves high speed, reliable internet and that a network should be personally constructed to promote ease of use and maximize quality of life!

Who we are….

Our experienced team IT Specialists, ranging from Network Engineers to PC Technicians, pride themselves on working towards the needs of the client.

Our attention to detail and reliability, as well as personal service, have brought us a happy client base in homes and businesses alike.

As well as partnerships with some of the country’s top telecommunication companies i.e. Openserve, Axxess, Afrihost.

We are a ICASA registered Internet Service Provider. Our network is supported by multiple failover redundant links with breakouts in alternative locations which feature carrier class fibre, point-to-point connections which ensure any network downtime is kept to an absolute minimum.

Why BCWiFi?

Clients are ordinarily in a position where IT related hardware, IT services, ISP and Cloud services along with a myriad of other services, are supplied by separate suppliers. This dilutes accountability and often results in higher costs. BC Computer Services, aka BCWiFi, are in the unique position to offer a platform that provides clients the ability to consolidate services and accountability. Furthermore, provisioning clients with the ability to leverage our skills to maximize value returned from IT related investments. BC Computer Services has a specialized ability to analyze your IT environment and provide sound advice on strategy, audits, road maps or just general recommendations.

We are bringing to you the most affordable wireless connection in town!