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*Capped Packages available on request. **Once-off. May be paid off over 3 months.

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Terms & Conditions

We use standard equipment prices which are subject to change once a site survey has been completed.


Package options can be changed within a month’s notice.

All prices include 15{c32ab89a0457172c583a3f297e6cb930a1a21a62df1db69001eade8e1c7f491c} VAT

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely not! At BCWifi, you do not get tied to contractual commitments. All our packages are Month-to-Month and can easily be canceled if you change your mind.

Yes. All Wireless packages can be upgraded or downgraded.

Note that package changes will only be effective on the 1st of the following month, regardless of when in the month the request is made or whether it is an Upgrade or Downgrade. This is a restriction from our Central Data Supplier.

If you’re anything like us, you will be actively streaming most of your music, movies, and series from now on. We recommend a 10Mbps (or higher) line to enjoy the likes of Netflix, Showmax, Amazon Prime and DSTV NOW without annoying buffering or lag times.

You would need to set up a wireless extender in your home in order to create a secondary hotspot for your wireless signal throughout your property. If you Contact Us BC Computer Services can supply you with a quote.

BCWifi Wireless Internet is the best at finding a solution for your Internet needs.